Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

furry sex doll

A furry sex doll is a plush doll that resembles an animal. These dolls come in different shapes and sizes, but they are all inspired by fur-bearing animals like cats, dogs, foxes, and bunnies. They are made from synthetic fur and fabrics for a more realistic look and sensation.

When looking for a furry sex doll, consider your needs and preferences. Do you want a full-body sex doll or a more versatile doll that can be used in multiple positions? Also, check to see if the doll comes with additional customization options like head, hair color, skin, vagina type, and available inserts. URL

The Best Sex Doll for Furries

If you’re a fan of My Little Pony, this cute pony sex doll is the perfect choice. She has a well-made body and an inviting orifice, perfect for a wild night of fantasies.


One of the most realistic furry cosplay sex dolls, Fawn has three orifices that are ready to pleasure you! She is made from a supple and soft TPE material that feels incredible. The internal metal skeleton and movable joints allow you to experiment with different sex positions, making this doll easy to play with.


This TPE-made furry fox woman is complete with a wig and foxtail to make her feel more authentic. Her body is sexy, and the large boobs are sure to be a draw.

Kemono Hime Dog Plush Doll

This pink dog furry plush sex doll looks straight from doujinshi fantasy. Nene has a head that’s movable, paws and feet that move, and a bushy tail. She even has a slot for your favorite onahole! And she’s cuddly for snuggles and “playtime” too!

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